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Sensuron/4DSP's fiber optic strain, temperature and 3D shape sensing technology represents a quantum leap forward for industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, medical devices, and wind energy. It is changing the way engineers look at materials and the way they design their products. Far ahead of the curve, we ensure that our core values of integrity and product excellence translate into our customers' success. The future of fiber optics looks bright, and we are delighted to be the pacesetters.



4DSP's Sensuron Unit Announces Revolutionary 3D Shape Sensing for Medical Applications

January 28, 2015 - Austin, TX, USA --
4DSP announces the release of groundbreaking 3D shape sensing technology that will change the landscape for medical instrumentation developers and physicians. Through its new Sensuron unit, 4DSP is the leading global provider of Optical Sensing Systems that use light to test and measure both the integrity of materials and the performance of new design solutions for the energy, mining, medical, and aerospace & defense industries.


Strain & Temperature Measurements

  • Structural health monitoring
  • Composite materials characterization
  • Fatigue and crack detections
  • 3D Shape Rendering

    Sensuron/4DSP's 3D shape rendering technology makes it possible to monitor the shapes of the most complex objects at the finest level or over hundreds of meters.